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What kind of stuffed animal they slept with as a child


As requested by anon. :)

Not saying that they don’t still sleep with it now, of course! *cough*

1. Byakuya: Admiral Seaweed

Thus kicking off his lifelong obsession.

Byakuya: You are my only friend, Admiral.

Byakuya: I will snuggle with you forever.

2.  Rukia: A stuffed bunny

Which, being a Rukongai street urchin, she made herself out of some discarded rags, torn paper, and buttons.

Rukia: I will name her Chappy!

Renji: …I’m crying and I don’t know why.

3. Renji: A stuffed dog

Which Rukia made for him.

Renji: N-not that a strong guy like me needs to sleep with a stuffed animal!


Renji: But I guess it’s pretty cute.

4. Hisagi: A rock

Because Hisagi didn’t have creative, stuffed-animal making friends.

Hisagi: His name is Rocky!

Hisagi: And he is much softer than he looks!

5. Soi Fon: A stuffed kitty

And sometimes a real kitty.

Yoruichi: [purring]

Soi Fon: Y-Yoruichi-sama!

6. Urahara: A stuffed kitty

And sometimes a real kitty.

Yoruichi: [purring]

Urahara (muffled): T-that’s my face, Yoruichi!

7. Yuzu: A stuffed strawberry

Yuzu likes strawberry accessories, like her hair clips and her apron. And this stuffed, um, fruit.

Yuzu: Actually I prefer to sleep in a pile of stuffed animals!

Yuzu: But the strawberry is my favorite!

8. Karin: A stuffed soccer ball

Sometimes she uses it as a pillow, too.

Karin: I-it’s not a stuffed toy! It’s a nerf ball! 

Karin: And I only sleep with it because it makes me have soccer dreams!

Karin: I’m not a weirdo!

9. Hitsugaya: A stuffed dragon

Although he has no idea why.

Hitsugaya: I just feel drawn to it.

Hitsugaya: Maybe because, with my silver hair and turquoise eyes, I am isolated just like a dragon.

Matsumoto: Or maybe it’s your shikai!

Hitsugaya: W-who are you?!

10. Matsumoto: A stuffed fox

Gin got it for her so that she wouldn’t be lonely while he was gone.

Matsumoto: Gin, where did you get this?

Gin: I found it.

Gin: In another child’s arms.

11. Riruka: An enormous pile of plushies

Because Riruka can’t bear to leave anything cute off of her bed.


Riruka: I wonder if my bed is still down there somewhere.

12. Yukio: A gameboy

Not a stuffed one. An actual gameboy.

Yukio: But I told my parents it was stuffed, so it counts.


Yukio: Not that they were in the room at the time.

13. Luppi: A tiny doll that looks exactly like him

Gin made it for him. Because yes I’m counting the espada’s “childhood” as the period right after they’re remade by Aizen.

Luppi: It even has little tentacles!

Luppi: …which is weird since I’ve never shown Ichimaru my release.

14. Szayel: A tiny doll that looks exactly like Gin

Which Szayel made for himself.


Gin: It’s creepy when other people do it.

15. Ishida: A little stuffed Quincy

He and his mom made it together. Ryuken forbade it, of course, but they did it anyway.

Ishida: The uniform can be removed for laundering! 

Ishida: And look! I made spare capes!

16. Ichigo: A little stuffed bowman wearing blue and white

Which his mother gave to him. The same year she gave him that blue and white bedspread with the cross motif.



Ichigo: Hang on I just realized something.

17. Orihime: A stuffed bunny

Her brother gave it to her. Which is why Orihime liked to make snow bunnies!


Orihime: T-thank you!

18. Chad: Many different stuffed animals, on rotation

Chad had an enormous stuffed animal collection, and he wanted to be sure that each one felt loved. So he slept with them on strict rotation.

Chad: Although sometimes I cheated gave the stuffed turtle extra time.

Chad: It was my favorite.

19. Ukitake: Two stuffed bears

Two bear cubs, to be specific.

Ukitake: Their names are Barry and Beary!

20. Kyoraku: Two stuffed bears

Two stuffed mama bears, to be exact.

Ukitake: Wow! I can’t believe we both slept with two bears as kids!

Kyoraku: Yeah, pretty cool.

Ukitake: Why mama bears though?

Kyoraku: You kidding? Because there’s nothing fiercer than a mama bear!




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I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, reblog this every time it comes up on my blog. This is the BEST statement, I’ve ever seen. 

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